Policy of energy-efficient driving

Sitrans Logistique applies a policy of energy-efficient driving and training with the aim of minimising the impact of its journeys on the environment and accompanying its drivers in the good practices of energy-saving driving.

Since signing the ‘Objectif CO2’ Charter at the end of 2012, Sitrans Logistique has been concentrating on training using simulators and is more than halfway to achieving its objective of reducing CO2 emissions by 10% by reducing fuel consumption.

Sitrans Logistique drivers have all been introduced to energy-efficient driving and receive further training three or four times a year at sessions lasting an hour and a half, using a simulator reproducing various driving situations, including the urban environment. This provides numerical values for their progress, promoting a lasting change in drivers’ driving habits.

Sitrans Logistique has the benefit of the FLO Académie programme using simulators for energy-efficient driving.

On the basis of precise information generated by the on-board IT equipment – such as fuel consumption, speed, number of times the brakes are applied, how long the engine idles, etc – Sitrans Logistique is able to identify bad driving habits and arrange for targeted, relevant learning. The fuel consumption of each vehicle is studied weekly and individual training sessions are set up if necessary.

Driving in an energy-efficient manner also improves the driving comfort of drivers and reduces the risk of accidents.