Our solutions

Sitrans Logistique has developed a concept of ‘job solutions’ dedicated to certain key sectors, providing an increasingly fine-tuned offer.

Sitrans Logistique has developed a number of operation cells dedicated to certain key sectors of activity in order to be able to fine-tune its accompaniment of a number of its customers.

These sectors are:
> E-commerce
> Perfumes
> Cosmetics
> Home electronics
> Industry
> Finishing work in the building trade

Is your activity in one of these sectors, and are you looking for a logistics partner with experience in the specific constraints of your sector? You can trust Sitrans Logistique to handle your logistics.

The advantages you will notice straight away:

> Dashboards optimising your visibility in real time sent straight to your workstation
> Resources for incorporating your peaks of activity with no fuss
> Integrated capacity for interfacing with your own information system
> Storage and distribution conditions incorporating cleanliness and security, with access control and traceability
> Warehousing resources adapted to the level of your activity
> Packing and preparing your orders, whether you have 300 references and ten orders per day or 15000 references and thousands of orders per day
> Dealing with the distribution of your production, including outside France
> A single partner for your logistics, both upstream and downstream
> The guarantee that you will achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty because of the quality of your logistics
> The flexibility to deal with promotional operations (product launches, co-packing, labelling, etc)
> A regularly renewed fleet of vehicles, with a preventive maintenance contract
> A continuous training programme for drivers
> An excellent return on investment

Substantial long-term benefits:

> Very powerful job-specific applications to optimise your logistics
> Real-time stock status reporting interfaced with your own information system
> Tailor-made solutions in B2B and B2C
> Great flexibility and responsiveness in accompanying your development and promotional activities
> A full range of services for receiving your supplies, preparing  your retail orders, and making your deliveries
> Feedback from major players in the market
> A pro-active safety policy applied by a safety manager and a training manager
> Traceability of the activity for total clarity with regard to responsibilities
> Constant access to your transport schedule
> Dedicated-cell organisation with a single contact person