Distribution services

With a pool of 180 vehicles and transport plant, Sitrans has its own fleet of vehicles for traditional LTL transport and specialised transport.

Our drivers are regularly supervised and trained in energy-efficient driving and safety; together with the operational department, their constant vigilance optimises the cost of your transport activity.

Thanks to its information system, the operational team at Sitrans Transports has access to information in real time on its entire fleet of vehicles. This means it is able to take managerial action in respect of any of its teams at any time.

Flexibility is a key value in transport service.

Sitrans Transports has been providing a wide range of types of transport throughout France since 1947.
Its offer includes frequent daily shuttles with the Île-de-France region and particularly optimised LTL transport for one to five pallets in France.

Sitrans Transports gives you access to all the palletised despatching services of the FLO Palettes network, and the guarantee of LTL transport for one to five pallets for you anywhere in France in between 48 and 72 hours.