Organisation of logistics services

Sitrans Logistique provides an extensive range of logistics services.

> Management of global flow

Sitrans Logistique brings its experience and organisational skills to the management of global flows, particularly in the areas of:
> exporting
> importing
> distribution on the domestic market

Its services include the reception and despatch of containers – packing and unpacking, providing a quality control service, and all services related to importing and exporting.
Sitrans Logistique’s quality department carries out all the necessary checks over the entire chain and ensures that processes are followed.

> Customising orders

As part of the services associated with delegated order-taking and the preparation of orders, Sitrans Logistique can provide a number of related services:
> deferred customisation
> specialised labelling
> boxing
> special offers, etc

> Upstream management

Sitrans Logistique provides you with upstream logistics services:
> dedicated platform
> management of suppliers
> restocking orders
> product quality monitoring
> compliance monitoring
> management of returnables, etc

These services are an important plus factor in:
> supplying your production site on a just-in-time basis
> meeting deadlines for delivery to your customers
> optimising the management of your supplies and stocks