QSE undertakings

Sitrans Logistique works on a daily basis towards progress in the field of Quality, Safety and the Environment.

The choices Sitrans Logistique makes are firmly directed towards sustainable development - much more than just following a fashionable trend. The company’s choice of a fleet of vehicles meeting Euro 6 standards and sites that pay particular attention to environmental matters reflect its respect for its ‘Objectif CO2’ undertakings.

The Sitrans Logistique group is a Member of FLO Grouping, which has an outstanding SEQ programme, with pooled consideration of commitments and matters involving safety, the environment, and quality.

All Sitrans Logistique vehicles are fitted with an on-board IT system, promoting energy-saving, safety, and customer satisfaction. Drivers receive information concerning the mission in hand directly from the operational department on an integrated terminal, and have the advantage of satnav guidance. The information is precise, minimising telephone conversations and hence allowing drivers to concentrate on their driving; economical driving and the safety of other road users are important points. In use, this equipment makes it possible to optimise the company’s transport schedule, as a vehicle’s destination can be altered in real time to cope with an extra pick-up or delivery. This optimises the productivity of the teams and takes advantage of ‘customer flexibility’, which is a key concept at Sitrans Logistique.

The company is also testing the use of a gas-powered vehicle.

Security has always been a key feature in the training of Sitrans Transports drivers. For some years now, economical driving has developed into the broader concept of eco-responsibility:
> Drivers are regularly accompanied while driving by a full-time trainer employed by the company who is specially trained in energy-efficient driving
> Analysis of IT feedback on use of the fleet of vehicles and the application of collective and individual corrective action