Distribution equipment

Optimising distribution costs and improving productivity means choosing suitable distribution equipment.

> Equipment

> A fleet of 200 vehicles, available as on-demand transport or for hire with a driver, including a wide range of carriers, semi-trailers and trailers
> A fleet of vehicles dedicated to LTL transport fitted with a tailgate (up to 2.5 tonnes) with their own information system in constant touch with our operating team
> A fleet of motorised vehicles that are nearly all Euro 6
> A fleet of semi-trailers with a height of 2.70 metres
> A fleet of more than 15 vehicles fitted with an on-board three-directional forklift (up to 2 tonnes)
> A fleet of carriers
> A fleet of vans
> A fleet of carriers and trailers
> Double-deck vehicles for transporting pallets on two levels
> A fleet of vehicles fitted with on-board cranes, semi-trailers and carriers
> A set of swap bodies deposited directly with our customers to make delivery rounds and order management easier
> One gas-powered vehicle is currently being experimented

> Dangerous goods

All Sitrans Logistique sites are equipped to deal with dangerous goods, and the Group’s employees are trained in the practices for dealing with these products.
The Sitrans Logistique Group does a substantial quantity of business in the perfume segment, where flammable and highly flammable products are frequently encountered, and the industrial products sector.

A special consultant monitors the safety of dangerous goods (basic ADR training). ‘Basic ADR’ is the authorisation corresponding to the transport of packaged dangerous goods. 80% of the vehicles in the Sitrans Transports fleet are fitted out to meet the ADR standards: on-board extinguishers, statutory plates, telecoms, etc. Almost all our drivers have completed the ADR training course.

The safety manager at Sitrans Logistique also ensures a regulation watch on these matters for all the sites. A safety plan limits the risks run by each customer in relation to the transfer of responsibilities. It is important to clearly define the responsibilities of each party, particularly with regard to insurance.

> Secure transport

All the vehicles in the Sitrans Transports fleet are fitted with on-board information technology, which makes it possible for the operational department to geo-locate all active vehicles precisely. Missions are monitored in real time.

For the transport of goods with high added value, Sitrans Transports can offer you a programme of specific security measures.
These measures are confidential; we can present them to you at a personal meeting. We are able to provide excellent guarantees with our secure transport.

All Sitrans Transports drivers receive continuous preventive and corrective training.
Controlled access is in operation at all the Sitrans Logistique sites.