Information system

Sitrans Logistique has a particularly open and secure information system; it ensures excellent responsiveness and reliability in the operational resources you deploy.

At all times you have the benefit of customised follow-through by a team that has specific knowledge of your activity.

> An integrated IT service capable of developing its own solutions, as part of our continuous improvement programme.

> IT organisation based on agility, both for interfacing with your information systems and for communicating with our own tools.

> Access to the management of your stocks in real time using a secure link.

> An ERP system for warehouse management (Warehouse Management System – WMS) allowing the traceability of operations and management in real time.

> A secured information system to ensure deployment of a Business Continuity Plan in 30 minutes by replicating data at two separate centres.

> A TMS (Transport Management System) information system for easier guidance and ensuring the traceability of the transport activity, including with your own transport players.

> On-board information systems on all fleet vehicles to make it easier for the operational service to take orders and geo-locate vehicles.

> A fully experienced operation team; you will have a contact person for your business who knows the constraints and particular conditions of your activity.