Creating a new project

Would you like to have a global logistics service provider accompany the development of your activity? Are you starting up a new activity? Do you want the benefit of a logistics partner for part of your activity?

At Sitrans Logistique, the creation of a new project is always given careful attention.

The aspects we take into account include:
> your context
> the nature of your products
> your expectations with regard to your own information system
> the commercial implications of your responsiveness in terms of distribution
> the KPIs defined with your teams
> your peaks of activity and the volumes involved
> your expectations with regard to order preparation
> your delivery conditions, etc

Conditions for opening a new file:
> Adaptation to customer information systems including a complex organisation or a large quantity of data and a large number of product references
> Capacity to adapt to unforeseen growth situations or a rapid start-up of activity calling for excellent responsiveness in setting up ad-hoc logistics solutions - e‑commerce, peaks of activity connected with product launches or exceptional season-related phenomena

One contact person in Sitrans Logistique teams is designated project manager and ensures follow-through and our responsiveness to your business.

Our information system is particularly flexible and interoperable, for speedy start-up phases that quickly reach the expected levels of reliability.

Our teams do not consider projects in terms of size. Each project is given the same respect and the same quality of service. We accompany entrepreneurs as their projects take off.

Talk to our team and meet us to talk about your project.