Dedicated warehouse management

Sitrans Logistique can arrange the total outsourcing of your company’s logistics.

This service may consist of setting up a dedicated platform or hosting at one of our warehousing sites, setting up an information system, arranging trickle pick-up of your production, entering storage, making stock available for your distributors or customers in real time, providing stock status reports, and managing your customers’ orders.

We can offer you a full range of services for logistics and order preparation in addition to these movements of stocks.

Sitrans Logistique optimises your process logistics by means of dedicated warehousing platform solutions, multi-customer warehousing platforms with a dedicated cell, and customised dashboards with real-time monitoring via the Internet.

Under contract, Sitrans Logistique can invest in producing calibrated storage infrastructures totally dedicated to your activity.

> Design and setting up of specific logistics processes, including all the phases of identification, order preparation, and distribution
> Design and construction of made-to-measure storage buildings including all adapted processes, under contract
> Design and construction of a storage / distribution platform anywhere in France, with management of dedicated operational teams
> Preparatory work and implementation of a schedule for taking over your in-house teams for the total outsourcing of your logistics

Please ask if you require any further information.