Sitrans Logistique is headed by brothers David and Thierry Sizaire, representing the third generation of a family whose watchword is ‘service’.

Created in 1987, Sitrans Logistique is an independent family group following the dynamic line of three generations since 1947.

The Group today is focused on its two activities - transport and warehousing.

Between them, the two heads of the company hold 100% of its capital, and this independence has enabled them to develop a business culture that is based on service reliability, traceability, safety, and the transmission of strategic information to their customers.

1947 – Creation by Maurice Sizaire of a transport activity in Chartres.

1953 – Jacques Sizaire joined the activity created by his father and helped to develop the business.

1974 – ‘Transports Sizaire’ became ‘Transports Jacques Sizaire’, and invested in a new vehicle for the first time.

1987 – Thierry and David, Jacques’ sons, created the ‘Sitrans’ limited liability company and built their first warehouse to be able to develop their transport offer.

1997 – The business became the ‘Sitrans Logistique’ public limited company with two subsidiaries: ‘Sitrans Transports’ specialising in regional and national distribution, and ‘Sitrans Entreposage’ specialising in the preparation of orders, stock management, and warehousing. The company moved to a 5‑­hectare site alongside the A11 motorway, with a building with a surface area of 6 500 m².

1999 – A second programme of work began, increasing the area of the building to 12 700 m².
Sitrans Logistique joined forces with the FLO Grouping and stakeholders involved in six transport and logistics job areas.

2001 - Sitrans Logistique acquired additional buildings and 8 000 extra pallet locations.

2005 – Sitrans Logistique built a new additional site for preparing orders and warehousing in Chartres in the ‘Parc du Jardin d’Entreprises’ business park, with an extra 9 000 pallet locations.

2006 – Sitrans Logistique opened its E Building, with 6 000 pallet locations.

2009 – Sitrans Logistique launched the extension of its site in Chartres which was to double its area. The Group was structured around 200 employees, a fleet of 180 vehicles, and 40 000 m² of warehouses and order preparation sites. It developed advanced information systems giving it a high level of adaptability and responsiveness to the job areas of its customers.

2011 – Sitrans Transports signed the CO2 Charter with the environment and energy agency ADEME and committed itself to a three-year programme of energy-efficient driving and energy-saving.

2012 – Sitrans Logistique developed a full range of specialised services: mobile cranes / on-board forklifts / ADR / swap bodies / secured vehicles, etc.

2013 – Substantial investments in information technology enabled Sitrans Logistique to ensure the continuity of its service by replicating all its data on two sites.

2017 – Sitrans Logistique awarded the ‘Objectif CO2’ label by the ADEME environment and energy agency at the ‘Objectif CO2’ trophies ceremony.
Sitrans celebrated 30 years of activity in the logistics sector.

Operating sites less than one kilometre apart, linked by optic fibre.

2018 – SITRANS continued its IT developments in order to incorporate transport and logistics data for single access.