Order preparation

Because its processes are based on advanced information systems, Sitrans Logistique is capable of dealing with the preparation of any retail order, from the most straightforward to the most complex - in single units, packages, or entire pallets.

The company operates a zero-paper strategy in real time, using the latest-generation wifi terminals.
This incorporates management of batch, manufacturing, serial and traceability numbers to compensate for variations in parallel markets.

Sitrans Logistique adheres to GS1, the benchmark monitoring standard for large-scale distribution, and incorporates all the standard gencodes (EAN, SSCC, etc).

The services it offers range from finishing and packing single items to boxing a number of items through to palletising. 
Sitrans Logistique has the flexibility to deal with either 100 or 15000 item references with equal ease.

Preparation is carried out manually or mechanically, whichever is most suitable.
The different stages in order preparation are particularly important in ensuring the quality of your service customer, allowing you to optimise both the management of your stocks and your costs.
Good order preparation is essential to offering an excellent level of product deliverability.

> Management of your portfolio of orders
> Meticulous monitoring of your order preparation using barcodes
> Storage of your products and management of all picking operations - by item, package or pallet
> Automatic management of printing packing lists and delivery notes
> Preparation for shrink-wrapping pallets and arranging them for your distribution, either using our own means of distribution or those of your choosing
> Direct access to order preparation status in real time, from your workstation
> Absorption of your peaks in activity thanks to the flexibility of the organisation of our teams and adaptation of the human and technical resources made available to you