FLO Grouping

Sitrans Logistique is a member of FLO Grouping, an umbrella association created in 1993 including more than a hundred transport and logistics companies in France.

As a committed member of FLO Grouping since 1999, Sitrans Logistique gains in productivity and performance by constantly working together with the other members of the association and sharing the same virtuous dynamic of pooling best practices and innovation.

FLO Grouping is present in ten job areas in the transport and logistics sector; it has the following features:
> A reference position in transport and logistics throughout France
> Potential members meet criteria of solvency, performance, security and forward thinking
> Member businesses are recognised in their job area specialisations for their desire to achieve real customer satisfaction

>> To find out more about FLO Grouping, visit its website at www.groupement-flo.com

Sitrans Palette has also joined the FLO Palettes network initiated by the Grouping. FLO Palettes constitutes an innovative offer for LTL transport for one to five pallets anywhere in France in 48 to 72 hours.

The network, dedicated to LTL transport of pallets in France, has made a number of particularly noteworthy commitments in terms of sustainable development:
> For every ten pallets transported, FLO Palettes undertakes to plant another tree in France. The FLO Palettes network has already planted 100 000 trees in France under this scheme, an initiative that puts FLO Palettes in the forefront as a private reforestation operator in France.

>> For more information about the ‘Ten Pallets for the Planet’ operation, please visit the website at www.10palettespourlaplanete.com