Stock management

Proximity storage, the management of components, and the preparation of manufacturing orders to be used in production are all services that Sitrans Logistique offers.

Services are able to incorporate everything up to the preparation of elements for an individual production station, by day or by shift, with 24‑hour service.
In the Perfumes and Cosmetics sectors, this approach makes it easier to deal with peaks of activity caused by the seasonal nature of the markets.

Increasingly frequently, these posts are negotiated with the suppliers of industrial sites that are responsible for all or part of upstream storage.

> Management in real time of product identification as soon as products are received, allowing your teams direct access to the information
> Management of stocks from taking the order, FIFO, FEFO, LTL management
> Absorption of your storage peaks
> Management of your stocks of supplies and finished goods
> Centralised management using the Warehouse Management System (WMS)