Strategy for business continuity planning

Sitrans Logistique is capable of regaining access to its information system in less than 30 minutes in the event of a fire or other serious incident at one of its sites.

In the event of IT being down at any one of our operational sites (long-term power cut, physical destruction of IT hardware, etc), our Business Continuity Plan makes it possible to regain control of the site in less than 30 minutes.

> Guarantee of continued activity event in the event of a serious incident occurring
> IT infrastructure comprising an active production site and a passive back-up site in two separate locations
> The mechanism for replicating data uses virtualisation techniques that pass on every change made at the production site to the back-up site; frequency of doing this is defined according to the criticality of the applications
> Certain sensitive applications are replicated every half-hour to prevent any loss of even minor data in the event of a serious incident occurring
> Maintenance operations are carried out with no impact on activity in hand or the company’s customers

This infrastructure is designed to resist extreme events, and it allows a great deal of flexibility in everyday use. Maintenance operations that used to be hazardous, and hardware failures (breakdown of a server, for instance) that could hold despatch up for a whole day are all things of the past. These days, an incident of this kind has no impact at all on the activity of our internal and external customers.