Sitrans Logistique now has two job-specific ERPs - a WMS (Warehouse Management System) and a TMS (Transport Management System).

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) makes it possible to organise and optimise distribution and storage systems. The main functions of the WMS software are stock management, the reception of products on-site, order preparation, and despatching.

The TMS does the same things, but for transport. It is a Transport Management System that allows the traceability of deliveries and the optimisation of transport. The main functions of the ‘TMS transporters’ software are management of a fleet of lorries and their drivers, the organisation of loading schedules, deliveries, unloading, and invoicing.

> Equipment and thorough control of these two ERP applications (WMS and TMS)
> Logic of an urbanised information system. The job-specific applications are grouped together by functional domain (warehousing, finance, transport, etc) and are designed in ‘blocks’ or ‘neighbourhoods’
> The applications communicate with each other using standardised messages, either in their own ‘neighbourhood’ or using ‘avenues’
> Customers’ information systems are integrated, using standardised messages, in the form of EDI or not, as the customer prefers
> Our IT department develops key applications for controlling technical and functional processes from A to Z, making it possible to integrate new projects very quickly
> Ability to interface with a variety of systems (SAP, X3, SAGE, Magento, etc), whatever the consignor’s area of activity